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2015- That’s a wrap!

2015 was a cheetah of a year. It flew by like none other! Over the last 365 days I’ve had my fair share of splendid days. From joining Divine Comedy, to being a bridesmaid 6 times, to traveling around the states. I’ve also had a plethora of terrible days. These include being homeless, jobless, and carless in California to experiencing heartbreak while being a bridesmaid 6 times.

Like every other basic white girl, I’m excited for the opportunities 2016 has in store. I’ll be going to Germany for my dream internship, I’m going to start vlogging (hold your happy tears), and I’m committed to writing more frequently in this blog. But before I can move forward, I think it’s critical to take one last look at what I learned in 2015.

On Instagram everyone is posting their #bestnine. For those of you off the grid, that’s a collage of your top nine liked photos from 2015. Here’s mine as an example:

lady lena best nine instagram 2015 utah bloggers

While this is all fine and dandy, some of my actual BEST moments of 2015 weren’t broadcast on social media. Can you imagine that? A 22 year old girl who doesn’t have her whole life ONLINE?! The audacity! Believe it or not, I actually spent one ENTIRE month off social media. Yeah, crazy, right?! And get this, I actually really liked that month. I don’t hate social media (I’d be a little hypocritical writing a personal blog post about that) but I do think moderation is key. With that being said, I want to share with you my #influentialnine. These are 9 photos that never made it to social media to garnish a plethora of likes, yet they mean the world to me. They are, after all, what I will take away from 2015.

Pro tip: click on the photo to see it bigger and read its story!

Comment below with one of your favorite 2015 memories!

Thanks for reading, cheers to a great year,

Lady Lena

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