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Can This Count As My College Essay?

“There’s an open endpoint at zero. X has got to be something. What will it be?” My calculus teacher’s voice is in the background of my head. “There is no maximum. X is unbounded.” I really ought to sit up straight and pay attention but there’s something far more important eating up my thoughts. It’s the dreaded college essay.

For many seniors this November marks a milestone. The universities we get into will alter our future plans. (Yes, there is life after High School!) If you’re anything like me, you’ve filled out all the applications, requested recommendations, and paid the supplement fees. There’s only one thing left to do, write a stack of personal essays.

I’m well aware the essay is the most important part of my application (you don’t know a student until you know their voice) but comparing myself to “a well recognized book character” is not my voice. The first challenge of the essay is finding a topic that represents you. I recently read 50 Successful College Essays to spark my writer’s block. It was easy to see how those students made it into the top Ivy League schools. Each essay had syntax, a beautiful topic, and a groomed ending. Unfortunately none of the essays lifted my writers block because none of the topics represented me. I didn’t spend my summer interning for GM Motors, I’ve never played at Carnegie Hall, and I, certainly not trilingual. The essays are the only chance a college has to look in your soul. (Or lack thereof). An essay that doesn’t properly reflect you is an essay meant to be trashed. Spend weeks brainstorming, the rest is easy. Well, easier.

Finding the time to write your essay is the next challenge. A typical senior schedule consists of GHF (Gym, Homework, Friends of course!) When do these schools expect us to fit them in? Should we postpone our ample television? Nonsense! I suggest bringing a notebook everywhere and write a little here, a little there. That way you can get into college and watch Community. (Ironically a show about a Community College study group). Follow my lead and write during math class, we all know you don’t pay attention anyways.

Last, but surely not least, we must tie it all together. “There’s an open endpoint at zero.” Here the endpoint is graduation and it’s open to options. “X has got to be something.” You are X. You’ll have to do something once you graduate. “What will it be? There is no maximum. X is unbounded.” What are your plans after high school? The possibilities are endless and unbounded.

So… do you think this can count as my college essay?

This post was my first time capsule post! You might be asking yourself “when did Lena write this essay?” It was the college essay that got me into NYU. Yup, I meant to type that N and not B. I didn’t originally want to attend BYU, but I also didn’t want to go into loads of debt for school. Turns out, attending BYU was the best thing to ever happen to me. (I say biting through my teeth because it’s finals week and at a moment like this I wish I was anywhere but here.) Truthfully, it’s a wonderful place and campus is stocked with free food. (You see where my priorities lie.)

I know I haven’t posted in longer than what it takes to age wine, but I’m going to change my ways. I did a simply silly thing this semester and took 17.5 credits. FDKSDHFJSDFNKJSGndskfnseijJNJKFKSFJksdfslkdaldjaskdnKJSHDkjasnd! That is Finnish for “I had to take 6 finals and write 3 papers in a week and my blood sugar is lowering at a less than safe rate.” Here’s the great news though: I survived.

And I have some exciting news! Stay tuned. (What, I have to keep you hooked somehow!) On Friday I will announce to you where I am spending my summer break and I will return to weekly, exciting, life changing (bah!) posts. Come back Friday. Same time, same place. It’s a date. Now if you excuse me, I need to get back to my date with the library. (I still have 2 tests to plow through tomorrow.)



Now enjoy these pictures from my phone.

This snake tried to crawl up my nose. Sly snake.
This snake tried to crawl up my nose. Sly dog….er snake.
Because I'm obsessed with peeps and buttercream...
Because I’m obsessed with peeps and buttercream…
I'm going to miss nannying these munchkins!
I’m going to miss nannying these munchkins!
The little German Easter dinner I cooked up for The Fam Bam
The little German Easter dinner I cooked up for The Fam Bam
Lil' Bek taking a Sunday nap
Lil’ Bek taking a Sunday nap
Why thank you!
Why thank you!

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