Freshman 15

Dear Reader,

Today is the start of something new. I feel in my heart…. Ok enough HSM quotes. My name is Alena Helzer, but my friends call me Lena and I added the title of Lady. I’m a freshman at BYU in Provo, Utah. Yes, I am mormon, no I am not engaged. Or in a steady relationship. With every new chapter in my life, I think it’s important to create goals. This gave me the idea to create the Freshman 15, a list of 15 goals for me to accomplish during my Freshman year at BYU. Ready?

1. Make friends that will last a life time

2. Pull a reckless college stunt

3. Improve my German significantly

4. Don’t gain the Freshman 15, loose the baby chub

5. Find a desirable job

6. Try out for a team or club

7. Conquer a fear

8. Eat my face out at the Cannon Center

9. Help someone in need

10. Invent a new meal

11. Make a music video

12. Climb the Y

13. Sleep outside

14. Generic goal about boys

15. Create a blog


Come follow my journey. There’s bound to be lots of photos, DIY fashions, recipes, and juicy life secrets.

-Lady Lena


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