Letter Fifty-One from the Lovely Lady Lena

Has anyone ever heard of Google Glasses? I remember watching a video about them when they were just a fetal concept, but the other day I saw them in real life under the oddest of circumstances.
Sister McBride and I had the brilliant idea to run around Berlin to all the major tourist locations and take pictures at each spot in these cheesy Berlin shirts and see as much as we possible could in our short P-day. It turned out to be a blast even though it rained on us. (it has rained every single pday I have had in Berlin. 10 weeks straight. And every time it rains Hilary Duff pays a visit to my head and sings ‘Let the rain fall down and wash away, let it wash away my blah blah blah…’) We actually ran into the elders at one of our touristy locations and asked them to take a picture of us together. Right as they began taking the picture, two men stop next to them and one of them keeps pressing his glasses. They were so noticeable and I didn’t know if I should pose for these Google glasses pictures or feel violated. At first I felt a little awkward, but then again people attempt to take stalker pictures of us on the trains anyways, so I just realized ‘Life is a Runway, Work It Girlfriend.’ haha. The Google glasses guy then came up and started taking pictures of our name tags. (Hence why we need QR codes ON the name tags.) He asked for a card and walked away.
The rest of the week, I tried to picture my life through ‘Google glasses’ instead of rose-colored glasses. Google glasses tend to make missionary work seem b l e a k. One of our great investigators dropped us like a kick ball at an elementary school, and the other ones just hid themselves away.
So then I took off the Google glasses and went back to the rose-colored ones because missionary work is so much better when you are optimistic! And here are some things that remind me why I love serving the Lord in Germany:
1. I get to go talk to strangers in front of the historical Berlin wall as the sun sets and reminds me that the future is bright. (deep, right?)
2. I got to go to the Mission Office and pretend to be an office sister for a day. Or 5 minutes. Either way, I love the office and here is a big shout out to the office elders who make everything possible. (shout out to elder m.b. #officehomies)
3. I got a shipment of baking ingredients that remind me that my family and friends love me and support me.
4. I get to meet with the world’s most interesting people and I have a puppet as an investigator. He came to church though, so that’s a plus! (see photo)
5. I get to teach people from all over the world that there is life after death and that families are forever.

Seriously, what more could I ask for? I hope you have a wonderful week and remember to look on the bright side! Oh and Jake, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Sister Helzer

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these are the subways!
these are the subways!


o l y m p i c s!!!!
o l y m p i c s!!!!


can never have enough pictures infront of the Brandenburger Gate...right? right??
can never have enough pictures in front of the Brandenburger Gate…right? right??


both the berliner dom AND the fernsehturm. those words probably just look to jibberish to you.
both the berliner dom AND the fernsehturm. those words probably just look to gibberish to you.


sunset at the berlin wall
sunset at the Berlin wall


the office
the office


this is where the google glasses guy took our photo. also, they have tons of these bears around berlin, all painted differently.
this is where the google glasses guy took our photo.
also, they have tons of these bears around Berlin, all painted differently.


we pass this beauty everytime we go to the stake center
we pass this beauty every time we go to the stake center




end of photos. hope you liked.
end of photos. hope you liked.






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