San Francisco & Chinese Dancing

I came home from a little family vacation this week just in time to attend one of my best friend’s bridal showers and see my other best friend come home from her mission. I also made it home in time to go on a weekend getaway with friends & we ended up getting stranded for five hours. I’m making a mini mockumentary on that experience so I won’t give away too many details.

California treated us well. We spent time down in Orange County and at Six Flags (if we follow me on Instagram or Snapchat then you are well aware of this) but my favorite segment of the trip was San Francisco. Ever since I first watched ‘About a Girl’ I’ve wanted to live in San Fran’s Chinatown so we made it a priority to go there. We found this awesome warehouse store where you could buy all the tourist-y things for manufacture’s price. I bought shot glasses because sometimes you just want a little bit of milk. (I actually hate milk and prefer to get my dairy through ice cream, so drinking it from shot glasses makes it more fun.)

We walked through a park in Chinatown and noticed a group of about 6 Chinese women dancing. I started jamming out with them and they crowned me their leader. Whatever dance move I did they copied. You best believe I made them do the Stanky Leg! I wanted to film it but I didn’t want to ruin the moment. My sister, however, was able to snap a quick pic. Dancing with the Chinese women was pure bliss and for that moment I felt like the girl in ‘About a Girl’. Cross that one off The List.

Another highlight from the trip was viewing the William Turner exhibit at the De Yong. I’ll be the first to admit I’m an art nerd; I take art history courses as a stress reliever from all my business classes! Good art, music, literature, food, and company = my perfect day. *insert the line of boys waiting outside my house with birthday cake oreos, shot glasses of milk, and tickets to a cool museum* So shout-out to my siblings to patiently waiting for me in the museum gift shop!

I’m grateful that I was able to spend some quality time with my siblings; I must admit they are quite hilarious. My brother, Tristan, started talking in a British accent and before we knew it we were all speaking in loud British accents. My mom asked me a mindless question to which I replied in my accent “Do I look like I’m made of knowledge?!” which somehow became the trip’s slogan.

Enjoy the photos & just know that the funniest mockumentary is coming your way soon.


San Fran day 1 2015-08-09 012
Selfies in San Fran (secretly glad I didn’t have a smart phone when I was 14 because otherwise I’d be knee deep in “awkward phase” selfies)
San Fran day 3 2015-08-11 006
watched people get married at city hall because I had gone one whole week without a wedding 😉
San Fran day 1 2015-08-09 305
I promise you that I don’t always look like a hobo, but when I do it’s because I’m leading a group of Chinese women into a dance circle.
San Fran day 1 2015-08-09 294
My brother is growing up so fast. Is there a potion to stop it?
San Fran day 1 2015-08-09 283
BOBA! or should I say Baeba? *cricket cricket*
San Fran day 1 2015-08-09 236
I have a hidden talent at picking out German tourists just from visual cues.
San Fran day 1 2015-08-09 198
fun fact: three babies have been born on this bridge.
San Fran day 1 2015-08-09 181
Farmer’s Market finds
San Fran day 1 2015-08-09 049
they are going to high school this week. STAWHP THIS! SHUT THIS DOWN! SNOW DAY FOR A WHOLE YEAR!
San Fran day 1 2015-08-09 032

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