Seattle Summer Part 2

Howdy Y’all! I promised to finish a story about how I spent the fourth of July at a mansion on Mercer Island. Unfortunately I do not have any photos from this experience because I didn’t listen to that voice inside of me telling me to bring my camera. Waaaaah! Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk, especially if cameras weren’t even there to capture it. Honestly it’s not that interesting of a story. I miss being on a mission collecting interesting stories and people every week. Although this summer has been one hectic adventure (I think my airplane counter is up to 7 now) most of my memories don’t make for spectacular stories. Or, if they are spectacular stories they involve a third party who’s permission to share I have not yet obtained.

On an entirely unrelated note, my house is burning hot! Okay, this time it is actually not on fire, but seriously it is a sauna in here. I wish I could sit in the bath all day long writing and reading. MEINE GUTE! I just checked and my house is 89 degrees sizzling. I’m mellllllting. I think I’m going to take a blogging break and make a grilled cheese simply by putting the cheese and bread on my bed.

I’m back! Boy that was delicious. Talk about bed & breakfast, amiright?! okay I’m just going to shut up and let you enjoy these photos. Tip: they are prettier if you look at them while listening to Ben Howard.



GEHRY! he is my favorite architect and I have a life goal to visit all of his buildings.
The Pie. Why even go to Seattle if you don’t go to Freemont for a personal pie?
taking photos from a wheelchair isn’t always the most flattering angle…. I still love you Aunt Rachel!
Rachel & Alena Seattle Adventure 065edit
my travel shoe of choice.

DSC_0144edit Rachel & Alena Seattle Adventure 047

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