what can i wear on my mission

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Happy Thursday dear friends! Congrats to Eli, he’s going to Edmonton, Canada! Isn’t funny how you can make all the guesses you want but when you find out where a person is going it seems so obvious. When my friend Cory got called to Australia it just clicked: oh duh! why didn’t I guess that?! Well Hannah actually guessed Canada for Eli. Way to go!

Edmonton canada missionNow, on we go to clothing. Yippee! I got my favorite dancer to model a few jams. And by jams I mean threads. #clothingslang. Jennica in jams, here we go!

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what can i wear on my mission
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I think layering sweaters over collared shirts is a great idea, especially for the cold climate I’ll be serving in. There are endless combinations to squeeze into your 25 inch suitcase. Jewel tones are also fashionable for your gems. Lame pun, excuse me.

If you learn anything from this post learn this: sweaters + collars = prente (which means awesome, superb, terrific in penthouse terms). Mixing jewel tones is always acceptable. And don’t forget to like us on the Facebook.


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    1. lucyloohoo 28th February 2013 at 9:12 pm -

      I also love throwing a collared shirt underneath a sweater. It’s great for adding texture. Loving the colors of your outfit 🙂

    2. Lydia Nelson 28th February 2013 at 2:23 pm -



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