ellee duke, next big thing in country music, new taylor swift, big machine records

Soup, Salad, and Singing | Lunch with Ellee Duke

ellee duke, next big thing in country music, new taylor swift, big machine records
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Spontaneous poll! How many of us have listened to love songs in our pajamas feeling feelings? You can be certain my hand is raised to the square. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t writing this article in the comfort of my bed wearing red fleece pjs with skiing koalas listening to Ellee Duke on Spotify. In fact, this scene has played out so often that it inspired me to interview Ellee Duke herself.

If listening to a background track is an option, I suggest you pull up Youtube and search for Ellee. My personal favorite is Tippy Toes, but you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose! If you don’t do this, you are certainly M.I.S.S.I.N.G. out. (I promised myself that I wouldn’t get crazy with the puns in this post.)

I met Ellee for lunch at the local Zupas, where we sat in the back corner downing our soups and salads and chatting about everyday things. It felt less like an interview and more of a casual lunch with a long lost friend ….where you take notes. Ellee radiates happiness like a kid in a candy shop, or me at the Rittersport chocolate factory. She is the sun, and most likely the reason Utah doesn’t have snow in the middle of December. She is also the next big thing in music, so if you start listening to Ellee now you can have a hipster moment. “Guys! I totally listened to her before she booted Taylor Swift out of the number one radio hit!”

Ellee said people will ask for her autograph at the airport so that when she’s famous they can have their claim to fame. In fact, I thought the two little boys at the table next to us were going to come and ask for her autograph, but they were just been cheeky. They also got us talking about being baby hungry. Ok, so I was the one talking about being baby hungry, Ellee has her head screwed on tightly. This 19 year old knows where she’s going and who she is. “I think you need to know who you are before you fall in love with someone else.” Almost sounds like song lyrics if you ask me.

Actually Ellee, you should write a song about our interview! Here are some lyric ideas:

We’ve got 6 packs on our thumbs

from scrolling Insta ’till they’re numb.

Every single pic is of someone in love

but imma need some help from above

before anyone wants to date this face.

Maybe I should eat less Zupas and run a race.

I’m not complaining though

don’t need no beau

’cause I’m a real girl and I know how to rock


Alright….so that’s why I am not living in Nashville with a contract for Big Machine Records (yup, the people who signed T Swift!). Who knows though, Ellee could probably turn my song into a work of art. She’s written over 200 songs in the past 10 years. Her first song was about a guy who leaves and comes back. “I was an intense kid. I was 9 going on 30.” Her latest song? “I just wrote one about being the third wheel and the single life. It’s not a pity song, it’s ‘I’m single and I’m lovin’ it.’” (I firmly believe that 3rd wheel song would make for a great theme song to my life.)

I’m not sure if you caught that, but Thee Ellee Duke is single. I tried convincing her to get a Tinder for her stay in Utah. “Have you found success with that?” she sincerely asked. “Ehhh… one date out of every eight is great! Those are my Tinder ratios. But hey, if anything it could inspire a great song.” (comment below if you think Ellee should write a song about tinder datemares.)

I asked Ellee if it was hard to find herself in the music when she co-writes. “I have to stand up for my beliefs. We were writing a song and the only possible word that fit with the melody was ‘coffee’ but I told them I would never sing that because I don’t drink coffee. I’m not going to sing songs about sitting at the bar and throwing back a beer. That’s just not me.” Ellee has a knack for standing up for her beliefs. Someone once asked her if she had 8 moms which she took as a great missionary opportunity to explain her beliefs. Ellee has one mom, but she does as much as 8 moms put together. “I don’t know how my mom does it; she looks 20! One time a lady told her ‘I would quit drinking if I could look like you.’ She is so supportive. I go home every day after hours in the studio and play her my new music.” I wonder if her mom inspired the lyrics to ‘Walk With Me”. I’ll take care of you. We will make it through. One day they will see, we’ve come so far ’cause you believed in me.

I’m almost certain that if my life was an Ellee Duke song, I would have no worries. Her carefree music is perfect for a ride around town in a convertible with the love of your life. (Or at least listening to it makes you feel like that!) Check out her newest song H E R E and get ready for Elleebola to take over the world. (haha Bieber Fever has a better ring than Elleebola. Comment below if you can think up a name to describe that feeling you get when you listen to Ellee Duke’s butter on toast voice.)


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