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Did you know today is Emoji Day?! I just saw that on my fun fact feed that I follow on Instagram. Fun fact: I love fun facts. I think they make for great conversation starters & wonderful things to write on the inside of an envelope. Wow, strangely specific, but those are usually the only times I whip out my fun facts.  I’m going to make it a goal to use fun facts more often and to rekindle my photography love. Lately I’ve been so caught up with learning how to paint watercolors that I’ve thrown away any time for blogging, photography, and editing videos. Sorry (insert the cute monkey emojis where they are covering their ears, eyes, and mouth.)


I’ve been in Seattle for the last month helping out my Aunt’s family. (Remember that thing about one door closing and another one opening? Yup, that’s been my summer in a nutshell.) I fly home next week and have so many mixed feelings, but let’s just suppress those for now and enjoy a photo recap.

editBrooke and Tanner Seattle 2015-06-20 072
I paid 3 dollars for a peach here, but it was so worth it. I still have dreams about it.
We took a ferry to Bainbridge Island, which turned out to be a dinner ferry for this seagull.


I decided to go a whole month without wearing makeup because, well, when else can I? Okay, truthfully I’ve just been too busy taking care of 4 kids to even care.
Candid beach photo
Ferry Pretty. #lamepun
editChildrens Museum Seattle Day 2015-07-03 018
Kate peering out of a window from the Microsoft building.
editChildrens Museum Seattle Day 2015-07-03 066
Never, ever go to Seattle without stopping by Kerry Park. Best views for the public eye!


My brother is serving his LDS Mission in Eastern Washington. He got his call on the exact day I went into the MTC and left a couple months into my mission. It had been 2+ years since I saw him so I decided to take a little road trip and surprise him. I chose the hottest weekend Washington has had in years, because that was just my luck. I spent Saturday night in my car in the Walmart parking lot and at 3 am it was still 90+ degrees. I wanted nothing more than to shower before going to church, but I had to resort to testing out Walmart’s dry shampoos and body sprays. Haha white trash traveling, I know. I didn’t say this was a post on travel tips.

On Sunday morning I went to his ward and sat patiently in the back of the chapel. When he came in he did a double take before realizing it was me. William told me later that his first thought was “wow that lady looks a lot like my mom.” Goober.

William (okay, we actually call him Billy but I really like his given name and I’m trying to get it to catch on) and I had a fun time chatting at his lunch eating appointment. He only has 1 month left on his mission and I’m so impressed by the man he has become.

editWenatchee, WA day 2 2015-06-28 014
We did our awkward mission photos. NO TOUCHING
editWenatchee, WA day 2 2015-06-28 008
rudolf and companion
editWenatchee, WA day 2 2015-06-28 023
editWenatchee, WA day 2 2015-06-28 012
The look he shot me when he walked into that church building
editWenatchee, WA day 3 2015-06-27 095
Does anyone else remember that song “I’m blue babadee babadoo babsdgsdfgdfgdhg”
Wenatchee, WA day 3 2015-06-27 079
One of my pit stops included Leavenworth, WA, a Bavarian Village look-a-like. I felt like I was home again! I even called Anna, my companion of 6 months, to chat in German.

editWenatchee, WA day 3 2015-06-27 051 edit Wenatchee, WA day 3 2015-06-27 022


Okay guys, stay tuned because I still have to tell you how I magically wound up at a 6 million dollar lakefront mansion for the 4th of July. I’d love to share with you tonight, but my internal clock is going off. Trust me though, it’s pretty much the plot to a romantic comedy. Actually, the title Sleepless in Seattle would be quite fitting.

Until then,

Lady Lena

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