Tea Party Bridal Shower

Hey friends! You may be wondering why I haven’t posted a missionary outfit this week and I have a simple answer: I’ve been busy planning this bridal shower. So I apologize for the lack of modest fashion, but you’ve got to check out this adorable bridal shower! Lydia is one of my closest friends so when she told me she was getting married when I would be in Berlin, I knew I had to throw an epic bridal shower. Lydia is so adorable so I needed the bridal shower to reflect that all the way. Hannah and I brainstormed, pinterested (yes it’s a verb now) and thrift shopped to our hearts’ content. We spent all Saturday listening to General Conference and baking. We decorated in between sessions but an hour later it started raining! #aprilbridalSHOWERS We quickly brought everything inside and prayed that the sun would come out. Sure enough, after conference ended the sun came out and we quickly redecorated. The food was delicious, the guests were hilarious, and the decorations were dry! Haha, so I’d say that it was a successful bridal shower.

tea party bridal shower
The tissue paper puffs survived the rain!

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Is it sad that I just had all of these 'decorations'? Vintage problems
Is it sad that I just had all of these ‘decorations’? Vintage problems

tea party food

tea party food
Petit Fours added some class
bridal shower food
“love is sweet” sign
lady lena blog parties
My addiction
blueberry cake magnolia bakery
My pride and joy. As Depeche Mode once said “I just can’t get enough!”

blueberry coffee cake magnolia bakery

record player bridal shower
I hooked up my record player and played love songs and honeymoon hits
lady lena party ideas
Practicing cutting the cake. I’m the fill-in Dallas
Bridal shower on a budget
We love you Lydia!

The tea party (relative term since we drank pink lemonade) was a blast! Lydia I am so happy for you and Dallas! He may be your soul mate but he will never be your failing German buddy. En Lenven Yen!

It feels great to relax now, put my feet up, and listen to the words of the Prophets at General Conference. Do you want to hear it too? Click Here! I promise you that this week I will put up mission fashion pictures.


Lady Lena


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    1. CK 14th April 2013 at 7:09 pm -

      What a great job- I am so, so impressed. And thanks for givin’ my sister hugs when I can’t cuz I’m not there 🙂

      • alenahelzer 14th April 2013 at 8:04 pm

        Thank you! And anytime, I just adore Lydia!

    2. Hannah Woolley 08th April 2013 at 8:03 am -

      You did such a beautiful job with this Alena! This is gorgeous and charming and perfect! Muah!


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